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From old jeans to peachy placements

By combining two of our carefully developed recipes, we are able to produce placemats with a hard top layer and a soft felt back. The top layer is treated with a water-repellent agent, making it very suitable for use in the home and restaurant. Since the fibers of the jeans remain 100% visible, the placemats are sure to attract positive attention.

For larger orders, the placemats can be personalized with a company logo.

Available from Summer 21

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From old jeans to casual coasters

These coasters contain 2 versions of our recycled denim recipes. The hardtop layer has been treated to become water-resistant, while the back of the coaster is covered with soft felt, making it friendly for your table surface. The typical indigo jeans color remains 100% visible and the coasters can be printed with your own message or company logo.

Available from Summer 21

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From old jeans to cheery chairs

Our recycled jeans chair tells the story about the smart re-use of textile waste just by its appearance. The ambitious goal was to create a strong free form that guarantees a comfortable and ergonomic chair. In addition, the chair had to be stackable and easy to disassemble after its second life, so the materials can be reused again. A unique advantage of our DenimX material is that the textile surface of the chair is soft to the touch and invites customers to feel it.

Available by the end of summer 21.

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