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 With these bracelets you contribute to the transition to a circular world.

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This red special edition bracelet is specially made for the promotion of the Hartje van Goud Foundation of Sarah Leonora from Maastricht. This Foundation is committed to bringing people together in these difficult times. For example, the Foundation organizes events, the proceeds of which benefit local charity projects. 

The link will take you to the Hartje van Goud website. 

Denimagic supports this great initiative and wants to work with Sarah to strengthen the mutual bond between people through this unique bracelet. Denimagic donates 10% of every special edition bracelet sold to the Hartje van Goud Foundation. 

The special edition bracelet is made almost entirely from recycled material. For example, the strap is braided with yarn that was spun from recycled textile. The closure is made of high quality 316L stainless steel. The strap can be recycled into new products after use.

  • The Denimagic bracelets are made of recycled denim
  • To obtain a strong yarn rPET (recycled PET bottles) has been added
  • Our basic collection is suitable for wrist sizes with a diameter of 15 to 22 cm
  • Send us a message to in case you have bigger or smaller wrist sizes