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Denimagic markets sustainable products developed by DenimX and made from recycled jeans. In doing so, we not only make our world a bit more beautiful but also contribute to the transition to a circular economy. 

However, the makeover from discarded jeans to stylish design is not easy. Apart from the knowledge of materials, production techniques and engineering, it also requires a bit of magic. 

That's why our recycled denim product collection is called DENIMAGIC





'Sustainable, recycled products can only compete with conventional products if they offer a unique, high-level of aesthetics'. - Marc Meijers - CEO DenimX


 Maastricht-based DenimX, founded in 2017 by industrial designer Marc Meijers, is seen as the upcycle specialist in the Netherlands. From his passion and drive to develop sustainable and beautiful products from discarded jeans, various special material combinations and designs were created. Based on the right knowledge of technology, materials and design, it is possible to make almost anything you can imagine. From bags, motorcycles to chairs and even cool bracelets. 

The Denimagic product collection combines sustainability in an unparalleled way with beautiful design and functionality. Behind every product is an extensive process of research, prototyping and testing, as even the most sustainable products must meet the high demands that modern consumers place on them. 

From this circular design, Meijers approaches each product as a unique object. When the specifications of a product are known, the material recipe, production method and design are adjusted accordingly. This involves so-called 'reversed engineering', whereby the choices in the process depend on the desired outcome. 

Visit the website for more inspiring examples and further information about the special DenimX upcycle concept.