from old jeans to PERKY products                   FROM 22nd of September live@kickstarter


The purpose of re-use

Worldwide, almost 4 billion pair of jeans* are thrown away, every year! Only a fraction of this waste is re-used, while the rest is incinerated or ends up on a landfill. We don't want this, nor is it necessary. With the right knowhow, technology and creativity, this denim waste can be turned into something wonderful.

At Denimagic we believe in smart upcycling. In creating value out of once-wasteful left-overs of our consumption society. We look at waste from a different point-of-view. Our vision is to create beautiful new products out of our mountains of denim waste. Products that mankind will endorse. That contribute to meaningful re-use and re-purpose of our valuable global resources.

Although this idea may sound simple, it takes quite some magic to make the transformation happen.

In fact it takes a touch of  DENIMAGIC

* Source P&S Intelligence